Having trouble making your own slingshot?

There’s nothing quite like making your own slingshot. Finding the fork and attaching the bands.

But turns out, it’s not for everyone. Sometimes, you just need someone else to do the work.

You can still enjoy the thrill of slingshots; the applause from nailing the bulls-eye; even the joy of giving someone a slingshot if you don’t want to make your own. 

In fact, there are some serious advantages to modern slingshots over the good old natural fork slingshot!

Watch the video for an explanation.

How are modern slingshots different from natural forks?

The Frame

Slingshots do grow on trees, but we make them as well … out of durable materials in ergonomic grip options.

The Banding

FlipClips™ and Ocularis™ banding systems mean simple, reliable banding every time. No need for Wrap and Tuck.

Bells and Whistles

All you need is a fork, but who doesn’t love interchangable heads, multiple ammo choices and attachments?

Here at SimpleShot, our goal is to provide the best modern slingshots in the world. We never stop innovating and improving the sport of slingshots.

With numerous patented designs, we’ve raised the bar high with slingshots like The Hammer while creating a classic with the Scout™.