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Hocking Hill Slingshot Tournament: An Insightful Talk with Mike Gideon

Mike Gideon, fondly known as “Hoggy” on slingshot forums, is renowned for his amiable nature and extensive knowledge in the world of slingshots. We had the privilege of catching up with him at the Hocking Hill Slingshot Tournament.

Drawing the Right Length
One of the frequently asked questions in slingshot forums is about determining the correct draw length. To this, Mike suggests a simple technique: “Hold your slingshot, pull it, then measure.” Based on this measurement, divide by four, five, or six to determine your band length. It’s essential to note that a larger division number, such as six, will result in increased band life, whereas a smaller one might provide more speed.

Choosing the Right Pouch
When it comes to pouch size, Mike emphasizes that it’s mainly about personal preference. Some people prefer larger pouches, especially if they have big hands, while others might opt for smaller ones. It’s essential to test different pouch sizes and find one that feels most comfortable and provides the best shooting experience.

Plastic vs. Metal Frames
Doug from Charlotte raises an intriguing question about the accuracy of plastic slingshots with bands versus metal frames with tubes, particularly at distances of 10 meters or even 150 yards. Although many believe that bands (or flats) offer more accuracy, Mike candidly admits his preference for tubes. He reiterates, “It’s all about personal preference.”

Safety First: Protecting Young Slingshot Enthusiasts
One of the concerns raised by a parent of three budding slingshot enthusiasts was about the safety of the sport, especially after his oldest child hit his thumb with a clay ball. The parent was in search of kid-sized protective gear, especially gloves.

Mike’s suggestion is straightforward and practical. He recommends a kid’s baseball glove or golf glove for protection. He also offers a technique tip: ensuring that the thumb is positioned correctly, preferably to the side, to prevent injury. This technique tip emphasizes the importance of proper training and guidance for young enthusiasts to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Closing Thoughts
Our conversation with Mike was enlightening, underscoring the significance of personal preference in the world of slingshots. Whether you’re choosing a pouch, deciding on a band, or selecting a frame, it’s essential to find what works best for you. And, as Mike aptly puts it, “Shoot them straight!”

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