What three things would you say to a beginner slingshot shooter?

Beginners are the best! Here are the top three things Nathan would tell a beginner shooter.

We love this question because we love talking to beginners about as much as anyone! So to actually know this down to three things was pretty tough.

Number one, understand the nature of latex. If you’ve heard Nathan talk about slingshots and how to master them, we guarantee you’ve heard him talk about the nature of latex. Nathan has spent a lot of time learning and understanding latex, working to produce the best latex, and helping people understand slingshot latex.

Latex is the engine of the slingshot. Expansion and retraction is the engine that drives the projectile down range. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of latex is going to go a long ways in furthering your enjoyment of slingshot shooting! So get to know latex! Understand it and learn everything you can and you will go far.

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Number two, slingshots are very simple tools based on very simple rules of physics.
For example, for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. You draw the bands out, they come back to their relaxed position, propelling the projectile down range. You’ve got basic rules of alignment: you hold the ammo in one hand in the frame in the other created two points with an imaginary straight line between. The concepts are simple, but mastering them will lead to slingshot mastery.

Third, this is a skill that has to be developed. Slingshot shooting is a skill that can be developed very quickly, especially if points one and two here are adhered to, And that skill will be developed best when you have a mindset of curiosity and fun!

  1. Understand slingshot latex.
    Understand the physics of slingshots.
    Have fun!

That’s Nathan’s top three tips for beginners!