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Next up. TTF.

TTF simply means through the forks.

This style of banding means that your ammo will actually fly through the forks when you shoot it. This type of banding allows a thicker aiming reference when aiming down the band.

While some people definitely preferred this style of banding for aiming, there are people who shoot just as accurately over-the-top. Again, there is no right or wrong way to band your slingshot if you are considering over-the-top or through the forks.

One thing to consider is that this style of banding will increase your likelihood of fork hits. Since you’re projectile is actually traveling through the forks, it does come much closer to the forks then when you are shooting over-the-top.

We generally recommend that beginners start out shooting over-the-top and not through the forks until your skill is developed.

Even though this style of banding cannot be done to a natural fork slingshot without some modification, this style of banding has been around a long time.

The original Whammo sling shot, for example, shot through the forks. This is a great way to band your slingshot.

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