Wider, Faster, Stronger. What about shooting large slingshot ammo? Double Bands? Thicker Bands?

“When shooting heavier ammo, do I need wider bands, double bands, or something else?”

Well, let’s start here. You may not need different bands at all!

You may not need anything but to tune your bands to the ammo. Your current band sets might be completely sufficient if you shorten them up a little bit.

We say this a lot but it’s worth saying every single time: always make sure your bands are tuned to your ammo.

If you do find that you need more power in your bandset, you do have a few options. You can definitely make a double band set. This will give you more power for sure, but we do find that the performance gain from double band sets is not worth the trouble of doubles. Double band sets can be very finicky and quite frustrating to install.

Simply upping the thickness of the latex is a great solution. You can keep the same taper and just shoot a thicker latex and you will definitely get more power.

And finally, you could simply upgrade to a larger cut, whether a straight or taper cut.

Experiment and have fun!

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