If you are struggling or have ever struggled with Ocularis plugs, please make sure you watch this…

OK. Here’s a question we get a lot. And frankly, improper Ocularis plug installation is the number one issue we see. We would love to answer this question and we would love for everyone to see this answer.

If you are struggling or have ever struggled with Ocularis plugs, please make sure you watch this.

Simply put, if you are having a problem with your Ocularis plugs popping out for the bearing popping out, you simply have not installed your plugs correctly. A correctly installed Ocularis plug is very difficult to even remove from the slingshot let alone just falling out.

A few important things to remember with Ocularis plugs.

Number one, make sure the ball bearing is seated in the middle of the plug. If you look into the plug from both sides you should see the ball bearing equal distance from both the front and back of the plug. The ball bearing should be pressed halfway through the plug to be completely seated.

If it’s not pushed halfway into the plug and therefore in the middle of the plug then it is not fully seated and yes, you could have it fall out.

Secondly, you need to make sure that your plug is installed correctly. If you are shooting flat bands then the plug needs to be installed from the shooter side. If you are shooting loop tubes, the plug must be installed on the target side. When installed properly, the act of stretching the bands will actually see the plug further!

And if the ball bearing is fully in place, the plug will fit very tightly and will be very hard to remove.

If you are shooting tiny loot tubes, and want to increase the size of the ball bearing since there will be no band between the plug and the frame, that is fine. You can put a larger bearing in to increase the tightness of the plug.

But when installed properly, those plugs are not coming out.

One final note, there are knock-offs of Ocularis frames out there and there are custom-made Ocularis frames.

If you are using an Ocularis frame that is not made by SimpleShot, it is possible that the frame was made incorrectly and the hole is too big on the frame.

If this is the case, you could try to make up for the difference with a larger ball bearing, or if you’re just buying a knock-off from China, throw it away and buy the real thing.

Thanks for asking. Stay tuned! We are answering about 50 questions this season, so make sure you subscribe to the SimpleShot Youtube Channel and ring the bell for notifications!

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