Custom slingshot colors: why are there none right now and when will they return?

We’ve made many shades of green slingshots including peacock, emerald, dark, swamp green and toxic green. We’ve made reds, pinks and blue slingshots…

This question is about how they are made and why there aren’t any available right now and when they will be available again.

Read on and watch the video to learn all about it.

So great question. We have the standard colors that we use for most our production slingshots. They come in green, black, orange, brown, and a few combinations of those colors. We have used reds, but are currently phasing out red for a slingshot color. These Are the most popular colors that we have seen over the entire history of SimpleShot, so these are the colors that you will most likely find in our slingshot store.

In order for it to be worth it to produce a color on a large scale it needs to be a popular slingshot color. It is simply not feasible to produce small quantities of color on a manufacturing level. In order to produce a color from the manufacturer, we must commit to large quantities of that color. So, in order for a color to become a standard color, it has to be a very popular color.

So, while the best way to cololrize is a slingshot is to have it done right at the factory, that method does not allow us a large variety of colors. The only way to have a large variety of color or to have custom colors is to create those slingshots in house. This is accomplished by hand dying neutral colored slingshots.

This process is both expensive and time-consuming, so it is not one that we do often.

Unfortunately, the main reason that we have phased out custom colored slingshots is simply because of the number of complaints we received about them. As hard as we tried to point out that no two custom colored slingshots would be identical, that expectation still caused many customers to complain.

Simply put, there were a number of complaints about the variance in color and variation from the photograph that made it impossible to justify continuing to hand die these custom color slingshots in house. If there were enough interest in another color, we would love to add another color to our standard color palette.

Thanks for reading and watching, and stay tuned because we have lots more answers to your slingshot questions coming.

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