Learn about the Next Scout LT in our latest Ask SimpleShot episode!

The Scout LT-X: Anticipation in the Air

Recently, Jerry from Anchorage, Alaska, brought forward a pertinent query regarding the preferences of American and Canadian shooters. Jerry, like many others, has noticed that the predominant frame width chosen by shooters from these regions is 90mm. The popularity of models such as the Scout X and Scout LT speaks volumes about the shooting community’s needs and demands.

Jerry humorously recollects how, just a year prior, he was eagerly awaiting the release of the Scout XT in the Scout X format. True to their promise, the company delivered. Now, the anticipation is building for the Scout LT-X. Jerry humorously hopes that the new model will be out in time for the festive season, making it an ideal gift from Santa.

Although it seems that the Scout LT-X might not be ready for this year’s holiday season, the company assures its dedicated patrons that it’s under development. They express gratitude for the unwavering support and enthusiasm of their customers like Jerry.

So, for those awaiting the next big thing in shooting frames, the message is clear: Keep an eye out, as the Scout LT-X is on its way.

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