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Introducing the Pro Tip Video Series from SimpleShot. He wouldn’t like us saying so, but Nathan is a certifiable pro (he has won the last three East Coast tournaments), and he’s sharing his tips.

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In our Ask Nathan video series, we answer your slingshot questions.

A brief history of the slingshot.

A brief history of the slingshot.

Why does Russia get credit for the slingshot? Why are there so many slingshot shooters in China? What led to the popularity of slingshots today?...

Is a pouch twist good or bad?

Is a pouch twist good or bad?

Is there any advantage to a pouch twist, or could it be hurting my slingshot shooting? Three people ask this question, so it must be one that is...

Custom SimpleShot Slingshot Colors

Custom SimpleShot Slingshot Colors

Custom slingshot colors: why are there none right now and when will they return? We've made many shades of green slingshots including peacock,...


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What is the best ammo for my slingshot?

Spherical projectiles are the most preferred and most accurate ammo you can shoot. This may be steel balls, lead balls, or marbles. Shooting a spherical projectile …

Can I hunt with my slingshot?

Yes, slingshots have been responsible for putting many a meal on the table and the challenge of hunting with a slingshot is addictive. However, hunting with a sling …

What is the difference between ‘OTT’ and ‘TTF’? Which is better?

Neither is necessarily better than the other, it really comes down to personal preference. A few things to keep in mind: When shooting TTF, the projectile is actually …

What is Active band length?

Your active band length is the length of the bands or tubes from where they attach to the slingshot to the pouch. This length is determined by dividing your draw length by 5.

How do I tune my bands for more performance?

In order to get the most performance from your bands (tubular or flatbands) you must first know your draw length. Once you know your draw length, you may then trim …