Explain the difference between mounting bands in a V or an A configuration. And how to install bands OTT?

A couple questions here in one video. Explain the difference between mounting bands in a V or an A configuration, and please explain how to install bands OTT so the bands are not twisted.

We hope you’re understanding your question correctly here, so we are grouping these together into one. When shooting OTT, there is a personal preference out there about how the band is to be tied.

We believe that bands that are tied specifically for OTT versus TTF is 100% a personal preference. We do not believe that you will see any difference in accuracy, velocity, or anything else if you use an OTT band on a TTF set up or a TTF band on an OTT setup.

However, if it is what you prefer, go for it.

So the question here regards the slight twist in the band that you will see when you are shooting OTT. First of all, do not worry about this twist. This is not detrimental in anyway to the shot. You simply have to choose whether you want an A formation or a V formation.

This simply refers to how the bands look as you look down the bands toward the fork. If they twist in, that is a V formation. If they twist out, that would be an A formation.

We recommend using a V formation so the bands form a sort of trough in the middle.

Remember, this twist will not be visible when you are at full draw, so it will not affect your aiming. And either way will be fine, but most people choose the V formation. Theoretically, it has a slight advantage and should lead to a cleaner ammo release.

This is an excellent example of the stuff that we slingshot folks love to get nitpicky about, but that really will not affect your shooting. So if it is bothering you, don’t let it!

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