What are the best slingshot bands for small game?

In this episode, we discuss squirrel hunting with slingshots again. This is a popular topic: hunting squirrels and rabbits.

The specific question is which slingshot bands are best for hunting squirrels with slingshots? But this is a tricky question to answer because it’s different for everyone.

As a ten-year-old (the asker of this question), you may not have the strength to draw the bands we might give to an adult.

Here’s a simple answer: can you shoot through both sides of a bean can (that’s the thick steel can)? Then you can take a squirrel or rabbit.

If you search our channel you’ll find other videos about hunting. Please do a search on our channel for lots more on this. And we cannot answer this question without reminding you the most important parts: Be able to hit a ping pong ball at the range you will hunt!

Learn the art of stalking. The closer you get to your game, the better your chances. Hunt with a slingshot when you have the accuracy to achieve the headshot.

Thanks for asking. Stay tuned! We are answering about 50 questions this season, so make sure you subscribe to the SimpleShot Youtube Channel and ring the bell for notifications!

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