Is clay slingshot ammo powerful? Can I hunt with it?

Can I hunt with clay ammo? Is it accurate? Can I hunt with it?

So let’s address the topic of power. Generally, clay is going to be roughly equivalent to 8mm or 5/16 steel. Clay ammo is never going to have the same power as it’s similarly sized steel simply because it will not have the same mass. We always recommend hunting with as much power as you can shoot accurately, so clay would not be a recommended choice for hunting.

If you want to hunt, use steel or even lead ammo to deliver enough energy to the game to make a clean an ethical kill.

Now let’s address accuracy. Accuracy is in the eye of the shooter, in a significant sense. If accuracy to you means blasting a can, then by all means clay slingshot ammo is excellent. If you are interested in hitting much smaller targets such as spinners or even very small spinners, you are likely to be frustrated with clay. Clay slingshot ammo is never perfectly spherical. There is always some slight variation. That variation in size and shape will always translate into less accuracy than a perfectly spherical ammo.

And finally, as always, remember to match your bands to your ammo. A lighter ammo such as clay ammo is more susceptible to erratic accuracy when over-banded. If your bands are too strong for your clay ammo you will be shocked at how much the shot might veer off in-flight.

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