Which slingshot is the best for hunting?

There are a lot of options. We can help you choose!

There is a lot of information out there on this topic . . . Some articles get it right, and some recommend hunting slingshots that we could never recommend. Here’s what we have to say on this one.

This is an important question to get right: what is the best hunting slingshot?

Lots of people want to hunt with a slingshot, so an obvious question is which slingshot is the best for hunting. Well, we would love to discuss that with you. It is extremely important that you make a good choice when choosing a slingshot because you are not just plinking. Hunting with a slingshot requires a responsibility above target shooting.

And frankly, there are a lot of so-called hunting slingshot guides out there that are making recommendations that we strongly disagree with. You may see articles telling you about the number one choice and it is really just an affiliate link to try to get you to buy anything to make them money. Before you believe one of these “guides,” see if it really is a site made by slingshot shooters or enthusiasts or just an affiliate page.

We have actually talked to the writers at some of these sites and some have no interest whatsoever in anything about slingshots, yet they are making recommendations on the best ones as though they have authority on the topic! Some have absolutely no slingshot experience at all.

We believe if you want a straight answer on deciding which slingshot is best for hunting, we can help you because we are true slingshot enthusiasts and we hunt with slingshots.

 There’s one sentence that sums up the answer, but it is a long sentence!

A slingshot qualifies as an excellent hunting slingshot if it is capable of supporting bands that are capable of firing hunting weight slingshot ammo toward the game with a velocity and energy and accuracy (at the range the slingshot hunter is hunting) in order to deliver a clean and humane killing blow.

The rest is up to you. You, as a slingshot Hunter, need to develop the skills necessary to use the slingshot properly. We will not be talking about the skills required here, we will just be discussing what makes a slingshot a great choice.

Let’s break down what it takes to be an effective hunting slingshot.

  1. It must be able to support powerful bands. There is no need to over band since over banding a slingshot makes it less accurate. But it is essential to deliver energy to the game  that is capable of cleanly killing. So the slingshot must be able to support hunting weight bands. A slingshot hunting band set is capable of putting at least 12 foot pounds of energy on target.
  2. It must be able to shoot accurately. Most slingshots are capable of this! But you need to find a slingshot that works for you to provide the accuracy necessary to hunt with a slingshot. It must be comfortable and usable by the hunter to be accurate.
  3.  A hunting slingshot does not need a bunch of gadgets. There is a growing number of gimmick slingshots on the market that are not recommended. (Again, you will find lots of pages talking about these, but we do NOT recommend them, and no one with experience or knowledge would). As mentioned, you just need to support strong bands and shoot accurately. Don’t fall for the gimmicks! Springs and lasers and all these gimmicks are just that. They will not help you shoot better. In fact they are likely to get in your way and cause discouragement.

So in summary, the best choice is the one that you shoot well and it . . .

  • Must accommodate strong bands.
  • Must be one that you can shoot accurately with a range.
  • Does not have to have all the bells and whistles.

You need to deliver significant energy toward the game. We suggest at least 12 foot pounds of energy on the shot (and lead ammo is the best way to achieve this).

You need to be able to deliver the killing blow to the boilermaker area or head of the game you are shooting at the range at which you will be shooting. If you can’t hit a ping pong ball at that range, do not take the shot!

And stay away from the gimmicks. You don’t need triple band tubes, for example. These heavy draw band sets are only going to make you inaccurate. You have to be VERY strong to hold such heavy bands at draw while aiming. Sure, you may get power from a triple tube setup, but you won’t be accurate.


Buy a comfortable, well-made slingshot and make sure that your ammo is matched to your bands for maximum velocity and accuracy at range! And, of course, if you are going to hunt with a slingshot make absolutely sure that you are accurate . . .

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Be smart. Be accurate.

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