Why not just sell the slingshots with the bandsets already installed on the slingshot frame?

It is actually very important that we do not install the band sets on your slingshot when you buy it from SimpleShot.

In this video we will go over those reasons and we think you will agree that it is best that we send you your frames separate from your band sets.

The number one reason is that one size does not fit all.

Everyone who orders a slingshot from us is a slightly different size. Everyone has a slightly different drawl length. So there is no way we could install bands in a manner that the slingshot would fit everyone.

 Slingshot band sets must be tuned to the draw length of the sling shot shooter. And the shooter of the slingshot is the one who needs to do the tuning. We could get an average length that would suit most slingshot shooters, but those with very long draws would not be able to use the bands!

And the second reason is that we want your band sets to be as fresh as possible when you receive them. To accomplish this, we seal up all the band sets we sell in a UV protected, sealed bag.

So to summarize, we do not pre-install band sets on our slingshots because they would not be tuned to you, and because we want your bands to be as fresh and zippy as possible.