Can I mount flatbands on a tube frame / wire frame / wrist rocket, etc.?

Of COURSE! Chuck those lousy tubes and upgrade your wrist rocket!

Don’t give up on that old frame (but those tubes are just awful aren’t they).

Here’s a video we did a long time ago on how it’s done:

OK, we all know that shooting a wire frame slingshot with those huge chunky tubes is no fun. At least not once you’ve experienced better slingshot latex. So should you check that wire frame? Did you get rid of that wrist rocket that you used forever? No way.

You can absolutely install flat bands on your wire frame slingshot! Turn that clunky shooter into a slingshot that you will love shooting simply by putting quality flat bands on it.

As we all know, those bands that come preinstalled on big box store slingshots have a very heavy draw because the slingshots have to last on the shelf. In order to ensure that the latex in the bands is usable after sitting on the shelf for who knows how long, these slingshot manufacturers simply put way too much latex into the system.
And shooting them is not much fun once you’ve experienced flat bands for your slingshot.

So don’t check your slingshot, check those tubes and replace them with SimpleShot black flatband latex band sets!


Give new life to that old wire frame slingshot or wrist rocket by replacing the bands that came on it with high-quality modern slingshot latex and you’ll love shooting it again