The New Axiom Ocularis™ Slingshot

In the first video Nathan introduces the new Axiom Ocularis™. Then watch as Nathan goes over the specs on this new slingshot.

This brand-new slingshot fromSimpleShot Shooting Sports begins with an exact replica of the very slingshot that Nathan (Founder of SimpleShot) Uses all the time. Nathan can shoot the lights out with his personal favorite. And now it’s possible for everyone to own a slingshot just like this famous slingshot. This is the slingshot that has won the past three east coast slingshot tournaments. This is the slingshot that Nathan loves so much it has literally been referred to as his “precious.”

The new axiom is fitted with a full-size palm swell, but it’s still boasts a very send profile, meaning it can still slip into your pocket very easily. Add in the Ocularis™ banding system, and you have the perfect slingshot.

This slingshot has only been released to the public for a week, but positive reviews are already pouring in.

Posted by Frank Sherrill on Mar 7th 2018
Feels great in the hand.
Quality of moulding is perfection.
This is my first Ocularis, looking forward to new beanflip moulded design.


Posted by Brian Jones on Mar 7th 2018
You’ll want to order all the colors now! Save yourself the time.
Thin, comfortable, edc and beyond. Another great product to go along with simpleshots great service.

Can’t go wrong here!

This slingshot is awesome!
Posted by Slingshot Junkie on Mar 6th 2018
I am a VIP so I was able to get early access to this FREAKING AWESOME slingshot!
Perfect ergonomics.
Lightweight and slim.
Ocularis (make sure you watch the video tutorial if you have ANY trouble with them)!
I want one of each color!

Includes one set of black Ocularis™plugs and one 7/8″ straight cut SimpleShot Black Flatband

Height- 6″/155mm
Width(outside forks)-4″/100mm
Width(inside forks): 1-9/16″/41mm
Weight: 2.2oz/66gr

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