Choosing the right ammo for your slingshot is crucial, but can be a little confusing. Watch this video to learn about different types of ammunition and how they work with different hunting weapons!

There’s more to this answer than a quick ammo recommendation, so don’t miss this.

Choosing the right ammo when hunting with a slingshot is critical. If you choose wrong, you’re not being a responsible hunter.

We are at the game to choose wisely and responsibly.

 The Slingshot has been around since ancient times. In the past, it was used as a weapon for hunting and self-defense. Nowadays, we mostly use slingshots to kill some time during our free time or just as a recreational activity. It is always fun to shoot at targets like soda cans and bottles filled with water! Even though shooting these things are easy, if you want to go beyond that then you’ll need ammo for your slingshot.

 Hunting is a great hobby and a wonderful way to get some fresh air. Most of us grow up with this tradition, but not all of us are aware that there is more than one type of ammunition for hunting. It may seem silly, but the effect of slingshot ammo can be truly different, so we need to choose it wisely!

First of all, we need to understand how slingshots work for hunting. Slingshots are generally not capable of generating enough velocity to the ammo for penetration of the skin of the animal your hunting. Since slingshots kill by blunt force trauma, primarily, we choose our slingshot ammo for hunting appropriately.

This means that before we even talk about ammo we have to understand that the placement of the shot is paramount. So a few important things and we’re talking about hunting with slingshot:

  • The shot must be placed in either the boiler maker area of the game or the head.
  • It is ideal to generate 12 foot pounds or more of energy in the shot. That is the equivalent of 16 Newton meters of energy.

So in order to make your shot qualify for the above standards, we need to make sure we are accurate enough to hunt with a slingshot. We say that you need to be able to consistently shoot a ping pong ball at the distance at which you will hunt. If you can hit a ping pong ball from 10 yards, do not hunt at 15 yards! If you can hit one at 20 yards, don’t hunt at 21 yards.

We say that you need to be able to hit a ping pong ball because that is the size of either the head or boilermaker area of most game that can be hunted with slingshots. The boiler maker is the heart and lung area of the game.

And in order to generate the necessary energy, you need to match your slingshot ammo to your slingshot bands when hunting with slingshots. Slingshot hunting is difficult, so do not miss this point. To generate 12 foot pounds of energy, your slingshot hunting ammo needs to be moving fast. Make sure your bands are able to fire your ammo at a high velocity. In fact, the goal is simply to generate as much velocity as possible! Do not skimp, But…

We cannot emphasize this enough. Make absolutely sure that your vans are matched to your ammo so that you are not wasting energy, short on energy, or drawing slingshot band sets that are too strong and therefore you cannot aim them properly!


All that being said, we get to the point of this discussion. Which ammo is the best for a slingshot hunting?

We still believe that lead is the best choice for a slingshot hunting. While lead is not our favorite substance to have around, you cannot beat lead for its density and therefore it’s ability to generate massive impact on the game you are hunting with your slingshot! Steel ammo is acceptable since it can be shot at incredible velocities but if you are looking for the best slingshot ammo for hunting, we would have to recommend lead. Lead is more dense than steel and therefore can deliver more foot pounds of energy to the target compared to the same size steel ammo.


To summarize. Whether you are shooting a lighter slingshot ammo faster or shooting a dense slingshot ammo slower, make sure of the following:

1. Generate energy

2. Hit the head or boilermaker

3. Make sure you’re taking shots that you are confident about

So the best slingshot ammo for hunting is the slingshot ammo that you can shoot consistently and accurately, and the ammo that generates the most energy downrange possible.

Not an easy answer. But hunting with a slingshot is not easy.

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