Wondering which slingshot is best for kids? The answer has less to do with the slingshot frame than you might think.

Which frame is best is the easy part. Really, making the experience successful is the trick to a successful slingshot shoot with kids!

The number one factor to which slingshot is best for kids is not so much the slingshot as it is the bands and ammo they are using.

Of course we want the slingshot to fit the child’s hand well so we got a wide variety of slingshots and sizes available. What you are looking for is a slingshot that fits a kid’s hand. Take the Scout LT for example. A child could certainly hold the Scout slingshot in a hammer grip fashion. How they hold it and how it fits their hand . . .that’s one thing. But we really want to  make sure that the bands and the ammo match and that they are suitable for the child.

What you don’t want to have happen is giving a kid a slingshot that has way too much tension. You must make sure the bands are trouble for the kids and use a projectile that’s suitable for the age level and maturity of the child. Don’t rush and give a child that is not taking instruction very well a slingshot with steel balls. Start them off with practice ammo.

And bands have to match the ammo if you want to get the kids started down the correct path to slingshot shooting.

And very importantly, make sure that they have success early and often. The best way to accomplish this is to keep ammo and band sets white. If they are going to have a desire to continue learning slingshot shooting make sure the bands are light enough, you’re using a suitable ammo for the temperament and maturity level of the child, and make sure they have fun.

If a child is not having fun, the experience will not be positive and he is not only more likely to quit slingshot shooting, he is more likely to be unsuccessful.

Use fun targets that give feedback and make sure the slingshot has appropriate slingshot ammo and slingshot bands for the ability of the child that is shooting a slingshot.