The return of Ask Nathan is here!

We’re back with a new season of our favorite series and it’s going to be jam-packed with everything you love about the first season!

We love hearing your questions and giving these answers. Nathan has been a slingshot guru for about as long as anyone out there, so it’s always fun when we hear him answer these questions right off the top of his head!

In this season of “Ask Nathan” we answer your questions once again. This is because we received a LOT of questions, so we squeezed as many as we could into this season. We couldn’t answer all your slingshot questions because there were too many, but we definitely got to the topics that were mentioned more than once.

Topics range from the slingshot pouch twist/tweak to which slingshots are best for kids.

Nathan reminds us how to store and care for slingshot latex and gives his thoughts on fiber optic sights.

We discuss aiming your slingshot at 45 degrees and alternate pouch materials.

You asked the questions and we give the answers. Whatever you want to know about slingshots, we’ve got your answer.

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