Are lasers helpful for sling shot shooting or are they just to gimmick?

Are lasers helpful for slingshot shooting or are they just to gimmick?

Easy. They are a gimmick. Here are two reasons why.

First, a laser on a slingshot fork is only one point in the system. The latex and pouch can be moved independently from the frame, so even if your laser is right on target, your pouch and anchor point can move independently.

There is simply no way that a laser can be aware of the entire system.

Secondly, the nature of latex means there’s no way to ever cite in slingshot. Temperature change, band age, and other factors determine so much about every shot that it would be impossible to ever truly sight in a slingshot. Any experienced shooter knows what he has to constantly compensate for during the life of a bandset.

Our verdict: gimmick. Unless something dramatic changes, you will never see a laser on a slingshot from SimpleShot.

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