The red and the gold latex… Do we still carry these slingshot elastics that have been so popular in the past?

What is the best way for me to store my slingshot bandsets?

This is a very common question. And thankfully, it has an easy answer.

Keep your bandsets in places that you would want to be. You would never want to hang out in a hot car and a summers day. Don’t keep your bandsets in a hot car on a summer day. You don’t want to sit out in the blazing sun. Don’t let your bandsets sit out in the blazing sun. And finally, don’t get your bandsets around too much ozone. Printers and other electronic devices are a source of ozone, so keep your band sets away from them.

Also worth noting is that hydrocarbons can break down latex. We have seen people actually recommend putting Vaseline on their band sets and this is about the worst thing you could do. The hydrocarbons in Vaseline will break down latex in no time. Not only that, this idea is particularly nuts because your bands rely on friction for the tying to hold.

The bottom line, keep them out of heat, sun, away from ozone, and don’t mix them with chemicals.

All of our band sets ship in a UV-protected, sealed bag which is a perfect place for you to keep your bands. Don’t throw those bags away. Keep them for band storage and you’ll see your band life go up.

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