Explain how bands are chosen and set up for deferenct slingshots.

Matching your slingshot bands or band sets to your slingshot ammo is critical to excellent performance.

When your bandset is more powerful than needed for your selected ammo, your band set frankly will not last very long. The ammo needs to be significant enough to absorb energy from the bandset, and when the ammo is not large enough to do so, that energy will stay in the bandset. That means the bandset will crash into the frame and be damaged during each shot.

If your vans that is underpowered for your selected ammo, your performance will just be horrible. And underpowered bandset it is likely to result in frustration, boredom, and you’ll probably want to never shoot again.

We’ve made it very easy on our website to choose your bandset based on the ammo you were going to shoot. All our slingshots come with 7/16 steel ammo bandsets which are quite versatile to shoot a wide range of ammo. However, if you were going to shoot very small or a very large ammo, you will need to choose a different bandset.

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