What if I’m in the middle?

Question: Are there any disadvantages to mounting the Axiom Ocularis bands between OTT and TTF, and should we choose one over the other, rather than in between?

The beauty of the Axiom Ocularis is the fact that you can mount the bands anywhere between OTT and TTF. In fact, that’s the way I shoot it. I set up my top band in the 45-degree position and I set up my bottom band in the TTF position. Why? That’s how I’ve done it for a long time. It works for me. I also really like shooting natural slingshots that are cut at a bias 90 degrees to the angle of growth – which puts them in about that 45-degree position.

So neither is right or wrong. Shoot which one works best for you. If you’re an aimer, you might find the ttf a little bit more accommodating to a sight picture, similar to a square-cornered slingshot – like the Scout LT or Scout XT.

Really, it comes down to personal preference. So if you want to mount them in between over the top, or anywhere in-between really, just mount them correctly. If you don’t understand how to mount them correctly, check out all of our videos on that.

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