What about super-light ammo?

Is it alright to dry fire a slingshot? Will it damage the bands?

Great question. Unlike a compound bow, dry firing a slingshot will not put you at risk. That said, it is safe for you but it will cause premature end of life for your bands. When there is insufficient ammo, the bands will slam into the frame (and your hand in the recoil if you’re shooting OTT), and the latex will bruise. This will lead to premature band failure.

That said, if shooting with no ammo helps you tune in your shooting, go for it. The cost of a replacement bandset is well worth it if shooting without ammo is good practice for you.

Bottom line: shooting with no ammo or very light ammo (when your bands are overpowered) will cause early band failure, but won’t put you at risk. It’s safe for you, but not great for your bands.

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