I want to shoot the most powerful bands available, can I do that?

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Sure, you can shoot really heavy bands but it is important to keep in mind that heavy bands don’t always translate into a faster shot. 

Heavy bands require heavy ammo to be efficient.

Otherwise, the projectile will not have enough mass to absorb the energy from the bands and the left over energy is wasted….and if shooting OTT you will find it to be very uncomfortable due to ‘hand slap’ (watch it happen here).

For best performance, one should always match the bands to the ammo.  Slingshots are not like bows….heavier does not necessarily mean faster.  Furthermore, shooting very heavy bands covers up any inconsistencies in your release and can lead to learning bad habits unintentionally.

Start with lighter bands and work up to heavy bands and ammo.  You will be glad you did because missing the target with more velocity is still missing the target.