What are the best tarps / fabrics for a slingshot backdrop?

What are the best tarps/fabrics for a slingshot backdrop?

When you are looking to set up a range for shooting slingshots, it is a great idea to have a large backstop that will catch any shot. There are a few simple tricks to choosing the right fabric and you’ll be all set.

First, make sure the fabric that you use is not too stiff. If you use something like a tarp, you’ll end up shooting through it in no time.

Second and related to the first is to make sure that your backstop flows freely. It is this free-flowing nature of the backstop that is able to absorb the energy from your shot and bring it safely to the ground without puncturing the backstop.

That’s it. Old bed sheets or even a light blanket are great. Just make sure when you hang them up they flow freely so that they can absorb the energy from the shot and you will be just fine.

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