Why do my bands seem sluggish in cold weather?

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Slingshot elastics send the projectile down range based on how quickly they can retract to their relaxed state.  

When a slingshot band is drawn out, internal friction creates heat within the bands.  It is this latent heat that allows the bands to retract to their relaxed length quickly.   When the ambient temperature is below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, this latent heat is quickly dissipated and the result is that the bands do not retract to the relaxed position as quickly and thus a loss of velocity.

This problem is further compounded by holding at full draw for an extended period of time.

During cold weather, keeping your bands warm by keeping the slingshot in your pocket or close to your body will help.  As will stretching the bands a few times before your shot to warm them up…and most importantly,  don’t hold at full draw when cold out.


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