Why is a SimpleShot slingshot better than a wire frame tubular slingshot I find at big box stores?

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Simple, modern design and manufacturing matched to modern latex. Quick attachment, pocketability, ease of use, low draw weight with high velocity, and 100% made in the USA construction.

Just to name a few.

Prior to WWII, flatband slingshots without wrist braces were the norm. Surgical latex tubing was a product developed during the war that was repurposed for slingshots after the war as there was a stockpile available. The surgical tubing certainly sent a projectile down range with considerable force. However, it was heavy to pull and was difficult to manage with a traditional Y shaped slingshot. Add to that it was difficult to attach to surgical tubing to a Y shaped frame. The result was that the wrist brace style slingshot, commonly referred to as a Wrist Rocket, was developed to take advantage of this readily available surgical tubing elastic. The wire frame slingshot was inexpensive to produce and the thick, heavy tubes contained more material which lead to them being able to withstand long periods on store shelves without quickly degrading.

Today, not much has changed in the world of big box wire frame slingshots.

  • The tubes are very heavy and not well matched to common slingshot projectiles.
  • The thick and heavy tubes are made to stand the long waits on store shelves so that when a user finally purchases one, the elastic still functions….for a while.
  • Once the bands do fail, there is a lengthy process required to get shooting again, and even with a replacement, the tubes are generally too heavy for efficient shooting.
  • Finally, wrist braced wire frame slingshots are bulky and don’t lend themselves to being carried on your person comfortably.

So, long and short…SimpleShot slingshots are better than wire frame slingshots in that they shoot faster and harder with less resistance, provide for quick and simple band changes, and provide for an easy every day carry.