How long will my bands last?

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Band life is affected by many variables and there are NO hard and fast answers.

Here are a few of the possible variables

  • active band length
  • draw length
  • environment
  • material
  • the slingshot to which they are attached
  • projectile
  • technique
  • and most importantly, how you care for them
If you shoot your bands at an active band length exceeding 5x elongation, you will see a decrease in band life.
If you allow your bands to be exposed to UV, ozone, or petrochemicals, they will break down faster.  Pure latex breaks down faster than a latex formula like our SimpleShot Black or Theraband Gold.
If you choose to shoot stones or irregular shaped projectiles, you may nick or cut your bands while shooting, thus decreasing lifespan.

Long and short….your bands will wear out whether you use them or not.  Latex contains natural proteins that are degrading constantly.

In order to keep your bands fresh and last as long as possible, store them away from UV light, chemicals, and ozone when not in use.  If you keep your bands in a cool dark place when not in use, they will serve you much longer than leaving them in your car on a hot day or next to your electronics.   Think of it this way….bands are a consumable just like bullets for your gun.

In order to keep shooting, you will need to replace your bands regularly, just as you would need to buy more bullets for your gun.
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