What is the difference between ‘OTT’ and ‘TTF’? Which is better?

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OTT and TTF refers to how the bands are attached to the slingshot.
OTT or ‘over the top’ refers to a slingshot with the bands attached to the top of the forks.
TTF or ‘through the fork’ refers to bands that are attached to the sides of the fork.
Neither is necessarily better than the other, it really comes down to personal preference.  A few things to keep in mind:  When shooting TTF, the projectile is actually traveling between the forks.  As such, a clean release is necessary or one may encounter fork hits.  If you have  a ‘flip’ style shot, it is wise to only shoot OTT.


The Ocularis™ Banding System is the only system available today that allows for fast switching from OTT to TTF. Literally five seconds is all it takes to convert. Just turn the plug and dial in your shooting style!

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