DIY Bandset Starter Kit

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If you shoot slingshots long enough and it really gets into your blood, you will eventually make your own bands. Doing so is relatively simple, economical, and fun. However, not all folks know how to get started or want to make the few bits of specialized gear to do so. We have taken this potentially confusing task and simplified with our band tying kit. Everything you need to tie bandsets to your own custom specs, all you supply is the scissors and time. The kit includes the following:

Band Tying Jig
One spool of cotton tying twine
10 top grain leather pouches
Enough premium latex bands to tie up at least 10 bandsets including each of the following material/dimensions:
4 pieces-.030″ latex/ .875″ widex10.5″
4 pieces- Theraband Gold/ .75 wide x 10.5″
4 pieces-.030 latex / 15mm-22mm taper x 10.5″
4 pieces- Theraband Gold / .5″-.75″ taper x 10.5″
2 pieces- Natural Gum Rubber 1/16″thick-5/8″ straight x 10.5″
2 pieces- Linatex 1/16″ thick- 5/8″ x 10.5