Pro Tip – Slingshot Performance – Band Tuning Errors

SimpleShot Pro Tip. Tuning Errors

Here’s another one that is very important.

We’ve said many times how important turning your bands is.

If you do not properly tune your bands, you will experience poor performance. So it is essential that you know how to measure your draw length, choose your active band length, and then correctly trim your bands.

In this video we will address an error that we see commonly.

When trimming your bands, you must consider only the part of the band that is active. If you’re active band length is 6 inches, you must leave extra band for the tie-in, and you must not count the pouch as part of that active band length.

We hope you find these pro tips helpful to make sure that your bands are perfectly tuned for you. Tune those bands in and enjoy the best shooting ever!

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